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Human Resources

With respect to company aims, our human resources approach meets our employee need regarding our strategic plans and targets and ensures the continuity and development of this match in an efficient manner.

In this context;
• To keep the motivations of our employees and their commitment to Meriç Soba in the forefront,
• To provide continuing education and self improvement opportunities for our employees,
• To maximize their productivity by planning career advancement for our employees,
• To create equal opportunities among our employees,
• To follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees,
• To protect the moral and material rights of our employees,
• To constantly review, update and improve our Human Resources strageies are our fundamental principles.

The facts that our company culture and main principles are adopted by all of our employees and our employees are open to continual improvement and learning are the things that bring Meriç Soba to this point today.